Affiliates: FIU | CN | CCF


In the Mattfeld Laboratory we use multi-modal imaging techniques to investigate how the brain supports learning and memory and how development and neurodevelopmental disorders change these basic cognitive processes.

Guiding Questions:

1) How does the brain support different forms of learning and memory?

Different forms of memory rely on unique neural networks. The extent to which these networks operate in concert, and the nature of their interactions, are not well understood.

2) How does learning and memory change with development and neurodevelopmental diseases such as ADHD and anxiety?

Different parts of the brain mature at different rates – impacting their function. In the Mattfeld Laboratory, we study how development impacts learning and memory during adolescence and in neurodevelopmental disorders such as anxiety and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

3) What factors influence our learning and memory?

We are interested in the factors that influence memory specificity across development.