Affiliates: FIU | CN | CCF


Dr. Aaron T. Mattfeld

Principal InvestigatorĀ 

Dr. Mattfeld is the Director of Mattfeld MaDLab. His research is focused on understanding the neurobiological mechanisms that support learning and memory, and how these mechanisms change as a result of development and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr. Mattfeld obtained his M.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University. He later completed his Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of California, Irvine. He then received his postdoctoral training in developmental neuroscience from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Graduate Students

Vanessa Rivera, M.S.
Vanessa’s research is centered on the neurobiological mechanisms underlying negative overgeneralization in children and adolescents with anxiety. She is broadly interested in how neural circuits go awry, thereby affecting emotion control and memory. Her goal is to bridge neuroscience and clinical approaches to detect early disruptions in neurodevelopment that could contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders.
Stephen (Steve) Suss
Steve is a graduate student in the Clinical Science PhD program at FIU co-mentored with my collaborator Dr. Dana McMakin. Steve’s research sits at the intesection of development, affective, and cognitive neuroscience.
Cortney Stedman
Cortney earned her bachelor’s degree at University of Minnesota and afterwards worked at the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab in Boston College as a lab manager. Cortney is a recipient of the prestigious NSF GRFP co-mentored with my collaborator Dr. Timothy Allen. Cortney’s research is focused on investigating the role of high frequency ripple activity in the hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex during sequence memory.

Undergraduate Students

Sofia Fraile
Vanesa Smielak
Abenaa Yamoah
Sapir Shtaeinweis
Solana Varela
Nicholas Dopazo
Emily Bejerano


Dr. Amanda Renfro (1st graduate student) – NIMH postdoctoral scholar
Dr. Adam Kimbler (2nd graduate student) – UCI postdoctoral scholar
Dr. Nate Muncy (PostDoc) – Research Scientist Duke University
Dr. Whitney Fosco (PostDoc) – Pennsylvania State University
Kaylee Marrero – PhD program in Biology @ FIU
Fernando Melara Barahona
Arianna Valdes
Adriana Pellot
Luisa Bermero – Clinical Psych PhD program @ U of Southern Alabama
Parsa Nilchian – MD program @ Weill Cornell Medicine
Michael Farruggia – Yale INP Program
Alejandro Hermida – University of Miami Medical School
Sofia Espinosa – Occupational Therapy School
Shridat Jadoo – University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Maya Zlitni
Massiel Dos Santos – PA school
Kevin Alzate
Isabel Thorson
Gabriel Garcia – FIU Medical School
Anibal Morales
Clara George
Jeslyn Rodriguez – SUNY Albany Medical School
Krissie Lobon – medical resident @ Vanderbilt University