Florida Consortium on the Neurobiology of Cognition (FCNC) 2020 Meeting!

FCNC’s 2020 Annual Meeting will take place this Thursday (11-2:15pm) and Friday (11-2:40pm) on Zoom. Please find the attached agenda with the meeting information, session and talk titles, and then mark your calendars!

The meeting is free this year, so don’t worry about registration.We have an incredible line up of talks including Keynote Speaker Dr. Angela Laird from FIU, one of the most cited researchers in all of neuroscience, and highlighted speaker Dr. Sarah Stern who is new at MPFI and FL. Welcome Sarah! We also have three regular sessions including many of the leaders and trailblazers in the field such as Dr. Carmen Varela (FAU), Dr. James Hyman (UNLV), Sebrina Zequeira (UF), Steven Weisberg (UF), Dr. Tatiana Viena (FIU), Dr. Stephanie Linley (FAU), Dr. Caitlin Orsini (UT Austin), Dr. Arielle Tambini (UCI), Dr. Derek Nee (FSU), Nick DiCola (UF), Leslie Gaynor (UF), Danielle Benthem (FSU), and Youchen Zhou (UF). We also have a new session dedicated to the great research from some of our brilliant undergraduate scientists including Maya Barrett (UF), Gabriela Rasch (FIU), and Makenna McGill (UF).

For the meeting, everyone please remember to mute and turn off your video on sign in, and speakers be ready to use your slides with the share screen function.

(Belated) Welcome to Vanessa Rivera, our new graduate student!

Vanessa comes from Marquette University where she obtained an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience. She is currently studying the neurobiological mechanisms of negative ovrgeneralization in children and adolescents with anxiety. Her hope is to bridge neuroscience and clinical approaches to detect early developmental disruptions that could contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders. Welcome, Vanessa!

We were awarded an R21 from NIMH!!!

We were awarded an R21 from NIMH to study the neurobiological correlates of reaction time variability in kids with ADHD.  This is collaborative work with Dr. Joe Raiker.

Well done everyone!

Welcome RAs!

A warm welcome to the six new Research Assistants in our laboratory: Isabel, Alejandro, Shridat, Massiel, Anibal, and Sofia.

To learn more about our new RAs, click here.