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Principal Investigator

Dr. Aaron Mattfeld

Assistant Professor


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Graduate Students

Amanda Renfro, M.S.

Ph.D. Student


Amanda is interested in neurobiological mechanisms of memory in humans and animals. In the lab she is designing sophisticated translational cognitive tasks for both humans and pigs and uses that in conjunction with neuroimaging in humans.

Adam Kimbler, M.S. 

Ph.D. Student


Vanessa Rivera, B.A.

Ph.D. Student


Vanessa is currently studying the neurobiology underlying negative overgeneralization in children and adolescents with anxiety. She is broadly interested in the impact of atypical brain mechanisms on emotion control and memory. Her goal is to bridge neuroscience and clinical approaches to detect early disruptions in neurodevelopment that could contribute to developmental psychopathologies.

Puck Reeders, M.S.

Ph.D. Student


Puck is interested in the neurobiology of memory in humans and animals. In the lab she is using sophisticated cognitive tasks in conjunction with neuroimaging in humans. Currently, Ms. Reeders focuses on the relationship between sequence memory and BOLD activity using theoretical models of the underlying computational states. She is also conducting studies of human neurocircuitry using probabilistic tractography. Previously Ms. Reeders worked in the clinical neuroradiology department at Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Whitney Fosco, Ph.D.

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Dr. Fosco is a postdoctoral researcher in the MaD lab, with a background in Clinical Psychology. Her research incorporates cognitive, clinical, and developmental psychology to understand the role of basic cognitive and motivational processes in the development, maintenance, and treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Undergraduate Students

Parsa Nilchian

Candelaria Albarracin

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Candelaria graduated with a bachelors degree in biology and is currently working as a nurse. Her interests lie in brain structure connectivity, their functions, and the effects during pathophysiology. With the intention of one day entering medical school, she hopes that a better understanding of the brain and its complexity will support improved clinical approaches.

Sharon Martinez

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Sharon graduated from Florida International University with a dual degree in Psychology and Biology. She is interested in the neurobiology underlying memory and learning. She plans to attend medical school and use her background in psychology and memory to inform her medical career.


Michael Farruggia – Yale INP Program
Alejandro Hermida – University of Miami Medical School
Sofia Espinosa – Occupational Therapy school
Shridat Jadoo – University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Maya Zlitni
Massiel Dos Santos – PA school
Kevin Alzate
Isabel Thorson
Gabriel Garcia – FIU Medical School
Anibal Morales
Clara George
Jeslyn Rodriguez – SUNY Albany Medical School
Krissie Lobon