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Dr. Aaron T. Mattfeld

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Graduate Students


Amanda Renfro

My research interests are primarily ADHD and its influences on memory and other cognitive processes. I have experience in GSR and EEG work, and look forward to becoming proficient with fMRI as well. A few of my hobbies include reading, racquetball, exercise, and video games.

M.S. Experimental Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University


adamkimblerAdam Kimbler





Research Assistants

2014-11-23 11.19.46Krissie Lobon

I am a Biology major and Psychology minor with interest in the medical field. My research interests include how neurodevelopmental disorders can affect memory, learning, and decision making. My favorite hobbies include running, biking, and weight training. I also love to read, specifically poetry, while sitting on the beach’s warm sand.


AmeliaLeonAmelia Leon

Amelia is a Biology major and is interested in going to graduate school. Her research is examining how patterns of fMRI activation in the retrosplenial cortex change with learning.



IMG_4383 copyJeslyn Rodriguez

Jeslyn is a Biology major and is interested in going to medical school. She is investigating how the anatomical connections of the striatum with the cortex change across development using diffusion weighted imaging and probabilistic tractography.



Clara George



Michael Farruggia – Yale INP Program
Alejandro Hermida – University of Miami Medical School
Sofia Espinosa – Occupational Therapy school
Shridat Jadoo – University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Maya Zlitni
Massiel Dos Santos – PA school
Kevin Alzate
Isabel Thorson
Gabriel Garcia – FIU Medical School
Anibal Morales