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Prospective Graduate Students

We are recruiting 1 or 2 students to begin in the Fall of 2018. Prospective graduate students should send a CV/resume and a cover letter to the PI. Successful candidates will have a strong background in any one or combination of the following: neuroscience, psychology, computer science, and mathematics.  Experience programming (e.g., Python, MATLAB, UNIX) and experience with functional and/or structural neuroimaging methods are desirable.

For more information about applying to the program click here. Deadline is in December.

Undergraduate Research Assistantship

Undergraduates interested in cognitive neuroscience research can apply to work in the lab for credit. We are currently seeking 3 to 4 motivated undergraduates to work in the lab. Please send a resume and cover letter to the PI.

Full-time Positions

We are currently recruiting a post-doc for a two year project examining reaction time variability in kids with ADHD.

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